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                                                                          Foals- What to expect 


                                                            When purchasing a foal from us please consider:



Our foals are uniquely range born and raised. On the range they learn herd dynamics, how to travel, problem solve, and how to use their bodies (build great bodies too!).  With that being said, our foals go to their new homes unhandled and we recommend they go to experienced homes only. The wonderful thing about this is they are clean slates ready to progress how you wish! 


Foals offered on contact will be held with a $500 deposit and balance due upon pickup of the foal. You must be at least 18 years old to sign our contact. 


All foals will have been registered by the time they go to their new home. Owners will either have papers in hand or mailed to them in a timely manner (as long as AQHA is moving at speed). We choose the registered name. You can always opt to change it with AQHA. 


The mares and foals are on range until we wean, generally mid October — November. Due to fall being an extremely busy time of year with the cattle, we ask our buyers to be flexible. We will work with you the best we can to wean while weather is still decent for travel. Once pulled from the mares, the foals will be weaned for two weeks, they all stay together in a large pen and started on a grass mix hay. After the initial two weeks are up, owners will have two weeks to pickup their new foal. After those two weeks, all feed costs and liability falls on the new owner. 


If you are taking your foal out of state, please be aware of what requirements your state  has to bring the foal in. We will not figure out what testing your foal needs, and will not pay for any testing. We will gladly help facilitate any testing/inspection that may be needed. We ask that the scheduling be between the ranch and veterinarian, with payment considerations made between new owner and veterinarian. Please give us plenty of notice so we can efficiently get everything done. 


As you prepare a place for your foal at home, bear in mind that foals are young horses that do not have a fully developed immune system. We recommend your foal is kept by itself and away from other horses for at least 2 weeks to 30 days. The added stress of travel and a new environment can increase the risk of illness. Taking your foal home is a big step- for you and for them! We recommend to let the foal settle in before you work with them. The important thing is to gain the foal’s trust and minimize stress— halter breaking is secondary. Petting (or trying to pet) and offering the foal feed (not treats! This leads to bad behavior ) are the only things a new owner should focus on the first few weeks. After the foal has adjusted to his/her new environment, then ease into working with them. 


Please be REALISTIC. The breeder cannot know what is going to happen with a foal or if the foal will turn out how you expect. The new owner is always welcome to reach out to us but keep in mind things happen. We are a working ranch and our foals are raised as such—not treated as a pet. 


We strive to breed exceptional livestock and we hope you enjoy your new foal and adventure together! 

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