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When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; When you run, you will not stumble. Proverbs 4:12


From its inception, McBride Hereford Ranches has used working horses to complete day to day tasks. Over 30 years ago, with knowledge and an eye for horses, Gordon McBride began the foundation for our exclusive AQHA breeding program. Gordon selected horses that he could show and use on the ranch. We strive to keep these traits alive to continue to produce versatile horses. Aside from quality genetics, our foals are born on our range allowing them to build bone density, problem solve, and learn to travel.  

Our colts are started as three year olds, gaining a solid foundation through the summer. They then spend the winter night checking heifers, roping and tagging calves on the range, branding, sorting and shipping pairs, even running in mare and colt groups! These horses are so special in what they are asked to do and that requires specific traits. Solid conformation- they're built for longevity and to hold anything you throw your rope at -without compromising athleticism.  They are bred to have a strong work ethic and travel for miles while maintaining a quiet mind. With cow sense and feel of course. We are honored to say that MHR graduates fit many disciplines and have found success in ranching, trail, roping, barrel, and show homes from ranch versatility to dressage! 


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